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Nature was made beautiful on purpose. This short film explains why. English

In 2019, Trust Him!   #TrustHim #TrustHisTiming #RemainFaithful to the mission.

I remember a pastor testifying about God calling him to open a specific ministry. He was positive about it. 1 year went by – no growth. 3 years went by – no growth. 5 years went by – no significant increase. 10 years went by, and the challenges were significant. 16 years later the ministry just bloomed.  Nothing happens before the leaders are ready for it to happen. And nothing happens in our lives until He has grown us to the place where we can handle the spiritual side of things. It is not always just one person who needs to improve either. Sometimes the entire process or ministry idea requires time to be accepted. Launching into any community is a challenge, but starting a  ministry in a community of believers is even harder.

So, don’t give up. If you have been called to do something for God’s kingdom be steady, persistent, and insistent. Don’t lower your standards for the growth to happen.  Jesus started with 12 men. The nation of Israel came from 12 brothers. The people of Israel were led to the promised land by two men’s absolute belief in God keeping His promises. They did not straddle the fence. They believed it and acted upon it. So,

You Are Not The Only One

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