Whom do we serve?


Whom do we serve? The one whom we speak about is the one whom we serve #words #wetrust in the name of the Lord our God! #lackwisdom then seek #him and you will find it! @trust no man. They all come with their own #agenda

Be Gracious to me oh Lord!


#HappySaturday #BGraciousToOthers #GodisGracioustous

saturday 1192019

Lord, we know that no matter what pit the devil has dug for you people, they will not fall into it. Glory! Lord make our words and actions deep well from which we can draw to honor your name. When we honor your name the wicked remains silent! Amen

We are love, strong, held, we belong to His family. Believe! Now go out there and tell others what He says of you!

You Are Not The Only One

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