Prayer is…talking to my friend “The Almighty!”

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The Lord left us a sample of how we should pray. Not a directive to pray this a thousand times to bless others, Will you pray with me?
 Sometimes we forget these fundamental truths of God’s word. He does not want us to repeat His name 30 times as we pray for Him to hear us. He is The Almighty He understands us before we even form the words in our mouths. He just wants us to cry out to Him with a humble, broken, and contrite heart. Friends, we must pray believing that God loves us! We must go to Him in prayer in the same way that we would go to a friend.
  1. Sometimes we talk to our friends about the great experiences we have had.
  2. Sometimes we talk to our friends about a life crisis, and we just want to know that someone will be there to go through that crisis with us.
  3. Sometimes we talk to our friend for help. We go to them knowing that it is within their ability to help us.
  4. Sometimes we go to a friend just to have a person who will listen intently to us while we unburden ourselves. Sometimes just hearing what is on our hearts tell how unreasonable we are.
  5. Sometimes we go to a friend to help us understand what is happening to someone whom we love.

When we talk to our friends, do we repeat their names in every sentence? Then why do we think that we should do that when we pray to Our Heavenly Father? Mainly, because we copy the praying style of others and not the one God gave us.  Can we use any of the above scenarios when we pray to The Lord God Almighty who is our eternal life long friend? Certainly! So, remember that God is your friend. Yes, we must revere and fear Him, but we should never DREAD Him! Why? When we are in dread of someone we never truly unburden our hearts to them. God wants us to be able to do that, and He wants more than anything for us to want to do His will here on earth, just like the angels do in heaven.

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