Chastening leads to our healing.

#healedbyfaith and because He paid the price. #glorytogod #bruised Do you claim that healing? #relationships #hearts #spirits

Heal this nation Lord. Heal the scared and broken-hearted. Heal the untrusting. Mend those broken relationships where the “purity of one’s heart” has been tainted by the conflicts of life.

Reveal the truth of your word to your children, Father. Explain to us that the price that was paid for our emotional freedom was the death of your one and only son. It was not a random act of kindness on your part. Show us the plan that you made for the healing of our well-being before the foundations of this earth were laid. Show us the freedom and peace that was bought with the poured out blood of your Son, Father. Show us that healing is not just about our physical bodies being healed but our inner man being healed. An improved body with a sick heart or spirit is not your intention. Show us, through the cleansing purifying fire of the Holy Spirit, that we receive healing when we accept your will in our lives! Lastly, Father, remind us what Your word declares about our lives and our bodies (2 Corinthians 5).


You Are Not The Only One

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