Separation from God by our adoration of the State?

Are you lost and broken within and fearful of what will happen next here and there? Then your emotions are separating you from the love of God! It happens, but His arms are open wide and He is waiting for you to ask for Him to mend the fences! Pain is real. He has the power to take it away! We live in a world where confusion and mayhem are pervading our very existence. God is being pushed to the side and the things of this world are governing our thought life and how we act as believers. For example:

  1. fear of the monetary system crashing
  2. fear of civil war breaking out once again
  3. fear of race wars
  4. fear of ethnic invasions
  5. fear of terrorist attacks
  6. fear of lack of gun control
  7. fear of Democrats
  8. fear of Republicans
  9. fear of unemployment
  10. fear of health challenges overtaking one’s life

When these things become the things that we focus on most of our time we are separating ourselves from the very powerful love that God has for us. Why? Because He has a solution for all of those fear, but we are expecting human beings to solve them. Walk in faith knowing that we serve a God of love, not a God of fear. Let no man’s ideals, actions, and our beliefs separate you from the knowledge that God is the only person in the universe that is all seeing, all knowing, and all-encompassing. If you are guilt-ridden and in a constant state of panic these things are separating you from the love of God. He will release you from them. Talk to someone who can help you to walk back to the place of peace, love,  and knowledge that nothing should be separating you from Him. Then live in the shadow of His Almighty Wings – basking in His peace.

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Honor His Name!


He protects us!


“I feel so utterly alone in this world!” What prompted that response from a person? She had lost everything that she loved and believed in. Her friends, He husband, her workmates, her close association with her church friends, and her children. Why She stood up for what was right. She lived in a relationship that was abusive, incestuous, adulterous, and she decided that although forgiveness was given it was not received. He wanted to continue to live in sin and she was not going to support that behavior. He gladly acquiesced and went on to live what he thought was his glorious life with his new found love. Abandoned, alone, and left to wonder why God did not do something to protect her home, her family, her loved one, and her – the emptiness that engulfed her was frightful! She had to choices.

  1. Wallow in self-pity and live an empty lifeless existence of a Christian who was just going through the motion, but had no power in their life.
  2. Or, she could stand up, pray up, feed on His Word, and fill her cup with His love for her each day.

She chose the latter of the too why? She believes that he truly does “guard the way of the just and He guards the way of His faithful ones.’


  1. He protected Joseph when he was left in the well by His brothers. God had a purpose for Joseph.
  2. He protected Jacob when he was returning to the land of his fathers. Jacob was sure that Esau was going to kill him.
  3. He protected David from Goliath.
  4. He protected Ruth and Naomi

The list is exhaustive. He will protect you. His word never fails. His promises always come to pass. What do we have to do remain faithful to Him?

  1. In your moments of fear. You are not alone.
  2. In the times of life when you feel completely abandoned by everyone around you.  You are not alone.
  3. When you feel that you are at the end of your rope and you just don’t know what to do, know that God has a solution for you!

Book an appointment with us and talk to a person who knows that He is able to see you through. He will never leave you alone in your times of distress. Sometimes we just need a flesh and blood person to help us through some of life’s hurdles.


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