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  2. MISSION.. 1
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  4. VALUES. 3
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Our History

Have you ever sat in the dark, lost, alone? Your problems overwhelming you. You are at your wit’s end. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!! We have all been there at one time or another in our life. This blog is the result of a joint ministry. It was originally the brainchild of Wynette Hendrick and Joyce Gerald, responding to the Lord’s call to ministry. Others have joined the ministry team, and Wynette went to join her heavenly Father in 2012. At that time, Joyce, who had been writing devotionals for the blog since its beginning, became the primary contributor to the blog.  The blog will continue to present the Gospel in a real-world manner for everyone’s edification.  The ministry will be launching a new service to its readers shortly.

Statement of Faith


The mission of the You Are Not The Only One Ministries is to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) by loving God, loving people and serving both. As well as using all our gifts, spiritual and educational, to serve all people.



The vision of the You Are Not The Only One Ministries and Consulting Service is to utilize social media, the internet, and its devotional blog to faithfully engage all people groups through The Great Commission by supporting individuals in their relational and life challenges as well as using all of its gifts, spiritual, and educational to serve all people.


The You Are Not The Only One Ministries and Consulting Service Inc. values servant-leadership that is Christ-centered. Its core values are:

The scriptural references in this table speak to the expected behaviors of the team leaders and or members of the ministry. They confirm the biblical expectations of the team. The centrality of Christ that powered Pauline theology powers the team’s values (Colossians 1:16-19, 2:6, 3:1-4, the book of Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, 1 and 2 Corinthians). The Lord directs us to, “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone [however, this cannot be achieved without being] . . . holy; without holiness, no one will see the Lord.” (Heb. 12:14). McNeal encapsulated the vision and values of the EA ministry with this statement,

Great spiritual leaders bless people. Depending on their sphere of influence, this blessing may extend to those in their organization, their spiritual tribe, a region, an entire nation, the whole human race—whoever populates their leadership constellation. Great spiritual leaders are not just given to great issues; they are given to people. In the end, this capacity to bless is the deciding category that elevates them to greatness in spiritual leadership. The spiritual enterprise is about enhancing peoples’ lives. God is in the people business. [6]

The enhancement of people’s lives requires thoughtful views that provide a clear perspective of the ministry and where it is going. Each member of the team knows their role and also who their support persons are.


The most important ministry perspectives for the You Are Not The Only One Ministries and Consulting Service Inc are; consulting, advising/coaching/guiding/mentoring, supporting leaders/leadership, grant writing,  and ministry. The You Are Not The Only One Ministries and Consulting Service is not a church, neither is it solely a brick and mortar ministry it also serves people online. It is important that the persons whom the online ministry serves have an opportunity to become/remain a member(s) of a local community. Knowing this, it is essential that this online ministry reaches out to brick and mortar ministries that have a proven and effective track record of discipleship, “multiplying” and growing the saints. 


It shall be the Mission and purpose of the Ministry, to fulfill the Great Commission by loving God, loving people, and serving both as well as using all of its gifts, spiritual, and educational, to serve all people (Matthew 28:16-20). To build up and disciple the “saved” in Christian grace and living, to have a vital part in Missions here and abroad, to serve all people groups in the areas of services designated on the webpage and social media.  Such services may change depending on the skills brought to the Ministry by Ministry employees. Therefore, we are united in one accord for the following purposes:

  1. To utilize our educational skills to serve others-through this Ministry.
    1. To provide grant writing services at a donation rate of 10% of the total grant funding allocation and to ensure that the grant is implemented with fidelity, and for the glory of God. The Ministry considers the 10% donation a tithe of the work performed by the grant writer. [Who will be compensated by 10% of the total allocation received by the ministry.] However, the Ministry does not limit the Grantee to supporting the Ministry with a gift of more than 10% should they deem it appropriate to do so.
    2. To provide consulting services for the betterment of the community based on the skills that God has provided the ministry leaders as a contracted service based on the “Memorandum of Agreement” signed by both parties. The donation or fee charged for services shall not exceed the standard fee allowed for such services in the industry.
  2. To edify and unify the Body of Christ as we provide services to our clients and through all devotionals written by the devotional writer, on the ministry blog, through small group Bible studies based on any books the ministry deems appropriate for that service, but the book must be a devotional, as a means of proclaiming the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently the devotional book, You Are Not the Only One – a devotional – written by the President will be used for that service.
  3. To support couples in the development of healthy marriages through the SYMBIS and PREPARE/ENRICH Bible-based marital assessments. Furthermore, couples and or groups of couples will receive facilitation services based on their choice.
  4. To provide advice and guidance to any individual who desires pastoral counseling.
  5. Ministry leaders who are skilled to do so will present salvation unto the lost.
  6. To perpetuate the above to all generations, and all people groups regardless of their religious beliefs. This is contingent on their understanding that these services are based on the Christian Bible.

The Ministry is under the law and commandments of God, The Ministry is constituted to obey the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit.  In connection therewith or incidental thereto, this Ministry shall have the right to do any and all things necessary for the furtherance of its purpose, all in accordance with its Constitution and By-laws as the same may hereafter be modified or amended.

The Holy Bible referred to in the Constitution and By-laws is the New King James Version of the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Faith, or any later translation, which may be adopted or used by The Ministry from time to time.

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