The following are posts on “Evangelism.”  We hope that they are helpful to you.

  1. Examples of servant evangelism
  2. Personal evangelism
  3. Incarnational apologetics and evangelism were applied.
  4. What is servant evangelism?
  5. Servant Evangelism: I Am hurt and I cannot drive myself
  6. Ten Ways To Build Multi-Ethnic Bridges Between Churches
  7. Are you sent? Can you share?
  8. “Dealing with lost people can be messy, but it is so worth it.”

Share Jesus Without Fear Resources

  1. Share Jesus Without Fear
  2. Share Jesus Without Fear – iPhone App (for iPhone only)
  3. The Ministry’s Page on Sharing Jesus Without Fear-for Members Only
  4. Joyce Gerald’s Story of conversion.

Personal/Servant Evangelism Resources

  1. I Am Second 
  2. Personal Evangelism (requires an iTunes subscription, which is free)  
  3. Online Cards for /Servant Evangelism 


  1. The Story: Why does mankind need Jesus?
  2. The Story: You can e-mail this to a friend for them to read.  Just click on the link that says e-mail to a friend. Or share The Story on FB with a friend.  Click the Facebook button.
  3. You Are Not The Only One The Story Page
  4. Worship and Witness – the Book This is an iTunes e-book, You can only read it on Apple equipment.
  5. Servant Evangelism Webpage

You Are Not The Only One

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