Are you sent? Can U Share?

We are called to share the gospel with anyone who will listen.  We are not called to convert anyone – just share.  The Holy Spirit speaks to their hearts and does the mysterious thing of convicting then the real work starts for us. What is that? Disciplining the person to ensure that they grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Living life with them and living in the word with them until they are ready to share the Gospel with someone else.  Remember that transformation is a life long process and no one becomes “holy” only God is “holy”. Are you sent for the purpose of sharing your story and how the Gospel affected your life with others? There are resources on this page that will help you.   Contact us if you need assistance.

We are here to help you share the Good News.  Use this link to share the story of the Gospel of Jesus with everyone who is willing to listen. Grace and peace to all.



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