Don’t Quit-Remain Confident in Him!



Have you been feeling that this is just too much for you?  Don’t give in to that feeling. He is with us even in the hardest times in our lives. We have confidence in Him that we can and will grow in His grace and knowledge. We have confidence in Him that we are being transformed.  It is a race of endurance like a triathlon.  When one initially decide that they are going to take part in a triathlon and become a triathlete it is grueling.  The training is intense.  Every muscle in your body will scream STOP!!!! You will have doubts and fears that you can complete the rigor of this training.  You are concerned that you will not be able to transform you body into the type of body that can do at the level of physical rigor needed for a triathlon.  At some point you will have to decide if you will endure the training or quit trying.  So, you decide that you will continue because this is important to you.  You enter your first race.  You are competing against people who are well versed in this event.  You make the mistake of comparing their years with your inexperience and you begin to doubt the training that you have received.  You press on.  The event begins and you experience challenges.  You begin to realize that a triathlon is an event of endurance as well as skill. Mid-way through the race you once again assess the level of your commitment to this race. Do you quit now because every muscle in your body is screaming for you to quit or do you endure to the end?

The spiritual race is the same.  As we walk, talk, and grow in the Lord we are prepping of spiritual body for the race ahead.  Obstacles and warfare rages in the background that we are not fully aware of. The Holy Spirit is interceding on our behalf.  Angels are combating demonic forces and the bastions of hell that are determined to discourage you. The do We-s!

  1. Do we run this race with endurance?
  2. Do we trust God to transform our mind and spirit into the person He wants us to be?
  3. Do we lose focus and begin to compare ourselves among ourselves – and become discouraged because we think that someone else is light years away from us spiritually?
  4. Do we look at ourselves with our human eyes and become discouraged because we do not see the perfection in us that we see in others? [No human being is perfect-no human being will ever see the full measure of the growth in us as God sees us.]
  5. Do we become discouraged when the sin that we have struggled with rears its ugly head – anger, gossiping, drinking-to excess, gluttony etc., self-reliance?

The list is very long as long as we see ourselves as fleshly human beings and as long as we compare ourselves among ourselves we will always stay discouraged.  Yes, people can see our growth because they can see the spiritual fruit on our spiritual trees. The fact that there is fruit on the tree at all is evidence that we are growing. Don’t Quit.  The spiritual race is for our benefit and the benefit of others who will hear our story and accept Christ. Let Christ strengthen you as you “live” life because He is confident that you will finish this race and finish well!!

Contact us if you need help we are here to pray for and with you-in Jesus name.


Are you sent? Can U Share?

We are called to share the gospel with anyone who will listen.  We are not called to convert anyone – just share.  The Holy Spirit speaks to their hearts and does the mysterious thing of convicting then the real work starts for us. What is that? Disciplining the person to ensure that they grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Living life with them and living in the word with them until they are ready to share the Gospel with someone else.  Remember that transformation is a life long process and no one becomes “holy” only God is “holy”. Are you sent for the purpose of sharing your story and how the Gospel affected your life with others? There are resources on this page that will help you.   Contact us if you need assistance.

We are here to help you share the Good News.  Use this link to share the story of the Gospel of Jesus with everyone who is willing to listen. Grace and peace to all.



You Are Not The Only One

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