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In 2019 will you live a life of fear or love?

#Love #Hate #God #GrowingCloserToGod #LearningHowToLoveAllPeople Better.

We were driving to church this morning and we were discussing what was the most costly and powerful fuel in America today. The answer was Fear! You see when people live in fear those fearful thoughts must find an object to fixate on. They must “displace” the fear on to something. The thoughts become mixed with our emotional state, our psychological make-up and our lack of understanding of who and what God is.

If He is the Almighty God who created all that we see out there in the universe and the billions of things that we do not see, why do we live in fear? Fear started in the Garden of Eden. It has taken root and like an invasive plant and has spread its roots, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit into every facet of life on earth.

It has even taken up residence in the body of believers in the form of what I call “socially acceptable” hate! Fear will ALWAYS result in hate. I am adding a snippet of today’s sermon to this post. Please, think it through.

When we have hateful thoughts or our anger is aimed at a person, place, or thing, what or who is feeding that anger. There are numerous psychological articles on how we move from fear to hate to violence. If you would like to read some of them let me know. But the Bible is filled with “historical” leaders who led people to sin because of unfounded fear.

Here is the video clip!



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