The searing pain of loss can make one’s heart feel as if ti is not going to beat again.

#Loss It is not an end it is a beginning. The pain associated with it is with us for many years. Take the time to grieve. No one grieves like others.

I need to rest, but this has been a year of loss. I do not believe that a single month has gone by when I have not had a friend who has experienced loss.

It may not have been the death of someone one, it could have been the death of a relationship.

It is easy to tell someone to allow their heart to beat again, but at the time the pain is so intense that only God can make one’s heartbeat again. So ask Him to tell your heart to beat again! Rest well friends.


Merry Celebration Day!

The King of Glory came and will return to claim His OWN!

Are we ready?

You Are Not The Only One

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