The searing pain of loss can make one’s heart feel as if ti is not going to beat again.

#Loss It is not an end it is a beginning. The pain associated with it is with us for many years. Take the time to grieve. No one grieves like others.

I need to rest, but this has been a year of loss. I do not believe that a single month has gone by when I have not had a friend who has experienced loss.

It may not have been the death of someone one, it could have been the death of a relationship.

It is easy to tell someone to allow their heart to beat again, but at the time the pain is so intense that only God can make one’s heartbeat again. So ask Him to tell your heart to beat again! Rest well friends.


Merry Celebration Day!

The King of Glory came and will return to claim His OWN!

Are we ready?

Thank you for your help in 2018. Help us to help even more people in 2019!

It is almost the end of 2018. We have experienced joy, sadness, and other emotions, but most of all we HAVE the gift of salvation. This ministry cannot reach anyone without the love that you pour out to it each day. Every time you like a post someone notices. The Lord reminded me yesterday that lives were changed, spirits uplifted, and salvation was received because of the ongoing work of this little non-profit ministry. We can do nothing without Christ and without your prayers and support. Thank you for visiting the page and leaving your comments.

We will reach more people as the prayers, and financial support from others come forth.  Due to partnerships this year we were able to:

  1. Provided food for the elderly and shut-in 520 times.  This service is carried out by a person who drives to shut-ins each week to make sure that they have food during the week. This is also a partnership with an agency in Jasper County. The Agape Family Life Center – Food Pantry.
  2. We supported the activities of 2 youth organizations in 2018.
  3. We supported Christian organizations that are sharing the Gospel of God by sending donations to them each month.
  4. We supported a Christian ministry that is sharing the God of Jesus Christ with students on college campuses.
  5. We provided technology training to senior citizens in 2 locations, and reach out to youth through a youth organization.
  6. We identified the needs of seniors and food challenged persons and helped them to receive the support that they needed to be able to have their first food, and other needs met. Again this effort is through our partnership with the Agape Family Life Center.
  7. We provided support and encouragement to single mothers and their children through advice and help as well as the gifting of books for children to read.
  8. Persons accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior during 2018 because of this 501 (C)(3)’s relational ministry service.
  9. Shared “The Story” – through a video with “4,648.”
  10. One hundred twenty-four people pray on a regular basis for the needs of hundreds of people throughout 2018.

You are special to God and therefore unique to us. Your continued support with praying, and giving, is needed to continue this work of service.

Stir up the gift that inside of you and share it with others. Help us to share His precious word and the peace that comes through knowing that “one is loved” not because we know that God loves us, but because a flesh and blood person loves us too.  Walk into 2019 with the might, power, force and magnitude of The Almighty on your side! I know that I will! Dream Big and He will provide Big Time!

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