We are saved by grace!


Faith without work is dead! We are not saved only because of our giving, doing, business etc., We are saved because God sent His one and only son to bridge the cavernous gap, caused by the sin in the Garden of Eden, that separated us from Him eternally. So, why do we remember His birth, death, and resurrection? It is an annual reminder that it took the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ to reconcile sinful man to God.

It’s Family Reunion Time Family of God – He came to Save us and make us one!

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Read the real story for the season, and why rejoice together every Sunday.

It is Sunday morning and millions of God’s people all over the world are getting ready for their weekly family reunion. It is better to spend one day in His house than a life elsewhere. Enjoy your time of worship and fellowship and remember that reaching out to the unsaved is important too.


Love each other with the same type of everlasting love that Jesus has for us! Tomorrow is not promised!

You Are Not The Only One

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