The Holidays: Fighting, and Trials Time? Guess What We Win!

Have you ever noticed that it is during our seasonal celebrations that the enemy will launch his most vehement attach against us? I have!  I took someone to an event last night, and the first person who spoke to me attacked me. I looked at her and said, “That may be a so, but I don’t do drama!” In my head, I am thinking “I have not seen you for at least 6 months. Well hello to you too.” I said the normal greeting and walked on. There were several interesting scenarios. I started to think “I should have stayed in my bed!” It was a blessing to be there and to see so many people blessed by the night’s events. You see the enemy will attack when you are attempting to “do that which is right in the sight of the Lord!” I spent most of the night pleading and fighting my flesh!

I woke up this morning a little worn out. So, I opened The Word to receive my daily boost of energy. I was whining little about the previous day, and God set it right! He reminded me that my challenges will not always come from without they will something come from within. I needed to look at that High Road and keep walking. What good is it to me when I suffer-while grumbling-because I am doing something that a servant of God asked me to do?

Our challenges will not come from without. They will come from within. Beloved it is how we respond during those trials that test our metal! The darts will come. How do we reflect them? Human shields will not work! We must put on the armor of God and keep it on! Then the snide comments will not tear away at our hearts. The feelings of being excluded from, quite frankly, things we probably should not be participating in the first place, will hurt. But He is a pain taker. If serving, serve with a glad heart! When reviled, and it will happen, take it as another opportunity for The Lord to grow us! The battle rages on – be encouraged you are surrounded by God Almighty!

You Are Not The Only One

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