How To Be Saved.

#Saved by #Grace and only #Through #Faith

Salvation is simply a process of confessing and believing. A person must confess that Jesus is Lord, that means, acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Lord over their life. When one confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord of their life it means that they are willing to sit back and let God work out His purpose for their lives. They will listen to Him and be directed by Him in all that they do.

They must also believe that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead. The belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus signifies that one accepts that the penalty has been paid for sin and the individual is now empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a life free from sin. This act of faith and belief places an individual in a relationship with God. When one is saved they know that peace and love come only from the God of peace and love. They are also able to share that peace and love with others. So, have a marvelous day and bask in His love.


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