Cares Too Much for You?

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MAY second weekTUESDAY

It’s a bit late, but the sentiments are always on time. I hope that your day was simply lovely. Simplicity is a marvelous thing. We tend to worry so much about so many things that we become crippled by inaction. We are stopped in our tracks by the “what ifs?” Lastly, we allow our emotions to handicap us and take us into the stream of depression. I have found that when I cast my cares on The Lord, my mind is free. My will is His. My worries are present, but they do not dominate my thoughts. He constantly reminds me that there is NOTHING new under the sun. He has done it before, and he will present a resolution for my challenges just as he did for Moses, David, Joshua, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, Saul, Jon.

Lord, I cast all of my cares before your glorious throne, and I place myself into the cradle of your arms. As you wrap me in your arms, I experience the warmth and reassurance of your presence and the peace of mind that come only from knowing you. Remind me that your presence if just a simple prayer away!

You Are Not The Only One

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