Who Have I In Heaven?

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Friends, many times we fail to realize that there is only one source of our strength and only one deliverer. I know that everyone thinks that they can “fix” humanity. However, only God can.  Look at your current life challenge. I don’t know what it is but it could be physical like an immune deficiency disease. It could be a life-threatening disease like cancer. It could simply be working in a hostile work environment. Only God can permanently fix any of those situations.

They all require divine intervention. They all require someone who lives in Heaven to call our situations what they are – solvable! That is by I love SBST Solution Based Short Term Pastoral Counseling. No pastor can solve our problems. Only the one who reigns on high, in the highest heavens can do that. Yes, we should contact our pastors. Counsel with him/her – if they are trained to counsel – on our spiritual state and the raging battle that we are facing. No, do not expect them to have a solution. They will work through the discussion process with us. Many times one just has to hear their thought processes to realize that the situation is dire but God still remains or fortress, our strength, our present help in the time of trouble.

David was facing spiritual warfare that he was sure that he would not be able to come back from. He said, “The sorrow of hell compass me: the snares of death prevented me.” He was on the point of death. Here is a man who praised God with reckless abandonment, and he is telling us that his life challenges were so oppressive to him that he was going to die.  Know my friends that even this type of life challenge is not too hard for God to solve.  The blackness will attempt to engulf you. It will take you to a place of deep emotional darkness that you will feel that there is no coming back from this one. Please know that you are NOT alone. God is definitely still living in heaven and He heard you the first time that you prayed about that challenge.  Pray with me.

Lord, look at me in my state of depression and lift that cloud of blackness from my life. I know that Jesus is raised to heaven. I know that Jesus intercedes on my behalf. I know that you are my fortress, my refuge, my strength, and the deliverance that my souls long for and needs. Where there is sin remove it from my life. Where there is doubt, Lord please strengthen my faith. I know that I have you in Heaven rooting for me. Amen.

Song: God is the Strength of My Heart!

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