Spiritual intimacy is one of the most important, yet least talked about aspects of marital health. There are countless studies that show how important it is to share a spiritual bond. This intimacy encompasses your deepest core values, your mission and your passion for life.

Spiritual intimacy in a relationship is developed through your activities together, such as attending church. However, it’s also a direct reflection of your journey inside as well. Your spiritual activities are external, while your spiritual values are internal and part of the core of who you are. These go hand in hand.

Attending church together is a priority for many couples, and is a vital one. But how else can you bolster your spiritual bond? Today, we are touching on ways you and your partner can strengthen your spiritual intimacy.


Not every couple will be on the same page with devotional practices. Finding a way to share this sacred time with each other is pivotal in developing spiritual intimacy. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your own spiritual path and only devote yourself to what your spouse would like to practice, but finding a common ground that you can agree upon will go a long way in strengthening your spiritual relationship.

Some couples will pray together each night, while others will study bible verses together. We know of one couple who practices prayer time together by simply going for a walk around the lake by their house and praying quietly side by side.

Regardless of what it is you enjoy doing together, be sure to create a routine that works for your schedules and needs. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, be sure you are on the same page.


It’s essential to realize that we are all different when it comes to our internal spiritual journeys. Two people can both be deeply committed, but can experience internal spiritual intimacy in different ways. Sometimes, there is some work that is involved so the two of you can understand where the other’s journey lies.

You might find solace by having time alone to journal and pray. Or perhaps out in nature is where you seek your spiritual customs. While your partner might craft their spiritual journey through online groups who have theological discussions, or ideas that involve pondering and internal growth.

There are infinite ways a person can be spiritual, and it’s important to understand your partner and where their heart and journey lies. By acknowledging and supporting your spouse’s spiritual route, you’ll cultivate an immeasurable bond.


There’s so much strength that can be found in a small group of couples that gets together to discuss any type of marital topic. This doesn’t have to be a long term commitment either, it can be a 6-week group that meets once a week, for example.

The spiritual intimacy formed through getting together with other couples is endless in nature. When you open your heart while side by side with your spouse, you are sharing an internal piece of yourself, your relationship, and your spiritual values.

How do you and your spouse keep your spiritual intimacy strong? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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