Put God First!


#First #NeverLast Have you arrived at the end of your day and found yourself wondering what happened to your time? How about your time with the Lord? When I was in school, I prayed for myself, but not long enough, and for others probably too long. Studying God’s word was my daily bread. I realized one day that I needed to be still and listen more intently to what the Lord was saying to me. Since that day, I have worked hard at making sure that I spend enough time with Him at the beginning of the day. No matter how sick you may feel. Call out He will hear you. Then Listen to Him for His response. Don’t allow the things of life to crowd out His voice.  We are approaching Passover and Easter. If you are a person who celebrates Lent, make it a meaningful experience between you and your Lord. Make Passover and Easter more about Him and you rather than eggs, bunnies, matzoh, etc.,


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