Are You In Turmoil – Right now?


God has a word for His child! Be #Encouraged and #Strengthened  He is our Jehovah Shammah (The Lord Is There). The turmoil could be because God has delegated a leadership position that you do not want. Or He has placed you in a position of prominence that has huge pitfalls. You could also be a child of God who is experiencing emotional stress because of relational issues. Just know that these are all solvable problems for God. Why? Because you are His child and He is always there!

How do we know that God is there?
God is there throughout every battle that one is and will experience. He will dry those tears that are falling. He will strengthen His called out one. These trials may not be what this person went through in this song, but they are still stretching your heart, and you are bursting into tears. Just know that He is there. You may not be able to see Him, or even feel His presence because you are in such emotional pain. Just know that He still there!

Brooklyn Tabernacle has this song entitled “You Were There!”

Lord it was you when I was lost
You came along and rescued me
You gave me hope, You gave me joy
You gave me something that I been searching for
More than anything this world could offer
I never known anyone like you
It’s good to know that you are there
Beside me
It’s good to know that you were there
To catch my fall
It’s good to know that you are there
When I call
It’s good to know that you are there
Lord it was you who dried my tears
And delivered me from all my fears
You gave me life and liberty
You promised me that you would never leave
You said

You Are Not The Only One

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