He Is Our Resurrected Peace Giver!

#HeisAlive #WorshipHisResurrection  not #HisDeath #peace

Celebrate His “risenness” even in your moments of distress! The darkness of this world does not need to consume you. The repression, desperation, and conglomeration of dark feelings that are permeating this world do not have to be your reality.

The ultimate triumph over death and darkness is embodied in His resurrection and your greatest resurrection to life eternal with Him in glory. Rest in the emotional, spiritual, and psychological surety that you are not and never will be alone again. Don’t wait for a time of peace in the future. His resurrection gave you that peace right now, this very second, in this very moment, you, yes you, have peace. Why because you have Him living in your heart. Our resurrected Savior does not just speak about peace He is our Peace! That is the power of the resurrection!

So, while edifices burn, will bombs explode, while the enemy teaches the world that hatred toward one race, nation, religion, and or fear of “being run over”by others is the truth that we must embrace, remember that fear is the absence of peace.

Know that we have eternal peace and thank Him for that today, while we live on this ball of clay. Don’t allow people to bury fear of “?” into your minds, so much so that you become so consumed by fear that you lose the peace and the promise of eternal life that you have been given. Do you believe that our resurrected Savior has given you have eternal life? Then live in His peace!

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