Guide my steps through your word – Lord!

Walking with God does not mean that I am leading and He is following or that we walk together equally.  It means that He is leading, guiding, and guarding my path and I am following in His footprints.  As long as I am walking beside Him, I might be tempted to take the lead, and that would be disastrous.  I might think that He is just there to catch me – in case I fall. I might even be presumptuous enough to try taking some steps before He does.I must be a follower if I want my steps to be ordered by the Lord.  Then I will never be tempted to walk in the path of the ungodly.  Father order my steps according to your word.  Lead me Lord, and I will surely follow.  When I step to the side guide my feet and heart back on the path that and keep me focused on you. Amen!!

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