Peace – He Gives it – Will You Receive it?


Life is like a tree. When first planted the tree has roots, but it is not secure. Any kind of strong wind will uproot it. The gardener is concerned about it health so, he feeds it and tends to its “growth” needs. He watches over it and protects it. The tree begins to absorb the nutrients in its new environment. It begins to realize that this is a new soil and it must grow where it is planted. So, it starts to send down new roots that secure it where it is planted. Then it starts to show signs of being firmly entrenched. New growth occurs! Outwardly the leaves on the tree begin to glow. Everyone does not notice this new growth, but the gardener sees it. Slowly, but surely, the tree starts to look looks secure and stately to others too. Its transformation for being a planted tree where people were not sure if they would be safe under it during a gentle rain to a shelter from raindrops, a refuge for animals, and a place of respite from the penetrating heat of summer for all who comes to it. The gardener is at peace because it sees the transformation of the tree and the tree is at peace because it is healthy and secure.

Ok, so, what does this have to do with peace in Christ? When I first came to know Him, I realized that this new way of life did not make an immediate stronghold. In fact, I was wobbly like the newly planted tree a massive storm would have toppled me over. But God placed gardeners in my life who used His word to feed my spirit. I learned how to take in the nutrients from his words and stretched out my spiritual roots to gather food from everywhere around me – just like the tree.

This introverted, perfectionistic, girl accepted the gift of peace that comes from the Holy Spirit and fed herself on the rich food of His word. Joy was no longer a concept – it was a way of life. Despite . . . .

The death of her beloved grandmamma, a peace came over her.

Becoming allergic to more thing that she could list -she had peace.

Having had life-threatening allergies-she had peace.

Experiencing the kind of betrayal that generally leaves people depressed and sometimes vindictive. Oh, this one did not come quickly. Because she was reminded of the situation every week by being shunned by people whom she loved for at least a year. Peace came when she maintained her path on the high road and one day realized that she had to let it go of the railings and raise both hands up high to God and thank Him for His peace. So, even though she was being reminded of the event every week – she had peace!

The fact that when fibromyalgia came to stay and developed into a disease that prevented full-time work from being a reality – she had peace.

The fact that she could no longer work directly with children or do the job that she was called to do in the secular world God reminded her that she had other gifts that He wanted to use.  She fought that battle long and hard, and He told her over and over again – “I gave you peace-I use you where you are needed! It is time to be replanted elsewhere!” That was so hard – but He still gave her peace.

No one understood why she was not falling apart. You see feeding on The Word of God made her spiritual roots go down and out. Yes, trial, pain, and sometimes turmoil came coupled with sickness, but she held on to the promise and learned how to “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans‬ ‭12:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬).

When God is truly in control of my life, I have peace. Yes, when the storms come I will bend to the left, the right, the front or even the back, but by the grace of God, I know that I cannot be ripped out of His family. I know that when I seriously mess things up and I am not the kind of witness of His loving kindness, and everlasting peace that I should be He is right there like the gGardner feeding me through His word, reviving my soul, and smoothing out the potholes of life so I can experience peace.

I decide long ago that when I will keep the gift of peace that He has given me things will change and mind spirit will be at rest.  Because if I fret about things that I cannot change my mind will be in turmoil. You see peace – Gods peace is not elusive. It never leaves me because He does not take it back. I have to determine, like the tree, that I will grow where He has planted and produce fruit while basking in the emotional fertilizer called “peace.” When He gives peace, there is no arms treaty attached to it that a human being can break.

  • His peace is unbreakable.
  • His peace is everlasting.
  • His peace passes our deepest understanding and blows our minds because His peace exists even when our lives feel like a category four hurricane!

Our Good, Good, Father says,

If you are in turmoil today, just reach out to Him and say, “Father I accept your peace. WhHen life becomes so intense that I forget that I have your peace, please remind me that you are right there. There is no troubled mountain that is so high that you cannot climb it, and there is no life river that is so deep that you cannot get me across it.  I trust in you for peace and deliverance. In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, I thank you for forgiving me of my sins, and I praise you for the people you have placed in my path you remind me of your love, who look out for my soul, who hold me up when I am falling down. In Jesus name give them peace and comfort Father – amen and amen!!

If you need to talk to someone, just send us a message we will get back to you.  Resolve that you will make 2017 a year filled with His Holy Perfect Peace! Grace and peace to all!!


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