Gracious words are like..

Sometimes we bring our theological baggage to every conversation and smack people over their heads with it when their theology does not match ours. The reality is my theology is irrelevant. What does God’s word dictate? How does His word address the situation at hand? How did Jesus address sin? I can categorically tell you that not once did He rant and rail at a sinner and tell them that they were destined for the pit of hell. Yes, He whipped the religious leaders and called them whitened sepulchers. But they were not “sinners.”
It would be great if followers of Jesus address sinners with the sweetness of The Lord. It would be awesome if we could correct each other with the same tenderness with which we want to be corrected. This ungracious attitude of attacking each other in social media is conduct unbecoming…sweetness opens ears. Bitterness bolts doors shut! As a Christ follower which do we want to be?
#followJesus #BeLikeJesus and watch out for the results

Give it to Jesus


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