Asking with belief!

Yesterday I heard that my self-speech and my prayer speech must match my verbal and posted thoughts. My friend and I used to say speak it into existence believing it. This is what was said “If our self-talk doesn’t include Christ, we enter a downward spiral.” – Cyril Prabhu

Speak what God wills for our lives and it will be so.
#Praybelieving and it will be so.

Reconcile us to each other Father!

This section below was written by my pastor from our prayer journal. Week 3 – Relational Alignment (The Vehicle)

Everything we do affects someone else in some way, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. Often our actions have unintended consequences and these consequences can continue to impact our relationships for years, even decades. Relationships are the vehicle by which we carry out our mission. The point of relational alignment is to be intentional about how we relate to God and to one another. If there is one thing that, in my opinion, holds us back from working in cooperation in the work that God has called us to, it is poor relational alignment. To put it bluntly, we don’t trust each other.  Sure, we put on our “church face,” smile, say hello, and otherwise act cordially toward everyone, but reconciling relationships is more than that. Some of us are mad at one another for things that happened years ago that the other person doesn’t even know hurt us.  It is not enough to simply “forgive and forget.” The gospel always points toward reconciliation and redemption, reconciling us (who were once God’s enemies) with a forgiving God and redeeming our lives. This same gospel calls us to be reconciled with one another and can redeem even the worst offense, for our good and God’s glory!

The theology of reconciliation has been tainted by the world’s concept of reconciliation just as so many other things has been tainted or perverted to mean something other than it’s intended purpose.  Father reveal to me today the relationships that I may have broken and need to reconcile.  The hardest thing for me is knowing that I have hurt someone one whether deliberately or unintentionally.  Hurt and pain can and will morph into all sorts of maladies, thoughts, and eventually actions.  I do not want that to become who and what I am in you. I love you Father, and I want my love for you to be evident in my relationships with others.  Show me more and more as this day and week progresses Father how I can help to heal and restore relationships, not just my own broken relationships, but others as I continue to counsel with them.  You love us all dearly Father and want us to have clear channels of communications with others.

When my heart skips a beat because I am just not thinking or speaking in a way that speaks “love” please continue to bring it to the forefront of my mind.  I just want to be an instrument of your peace and love, Father.  There is enough confusion and warring among people today.  I do not need to add to that Father.

Bless your people Father. Hear our prayers as we cry out to you in meekness worship and faith believing that when we ask anything of you in faith you will respond according to your will. Forgive us all of our sins of omission and commission and the mess we have made of relationships.  Teach us how to love each other the way that you love us in Jesus mighty name amen!


Let us know if we can pray with you about rebuilding relationships this week!

Grace and peace to all  🙂


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