Anger…does not have to end in sin!

It is what we do in the state of anger that becomes sin. It can be the safety valve on the pressure cooker of the situation we are in. Why? The valve allows the pressure cooker to do its job. So, anger can bring us to our knees to examine why we are about to explode. Or act on the part of an individual who cannot protect themselves – without us being violent and our abusive. You see if the pressure cooker is not used appropriately, or if it is opened before it is cooled down the value becomes useless and the pot blows up.
So, use anger as an emotional safety valve and a spiritual call to action. Don’t allow it to control you and result in d-anger!

When we love our neighbor as ourselves then we are aware of the danger of our anger. We can demonstrate love and compassion even to a person whom we know despises us – instead of allowing our anger to control our thoughts. Luke 10:25-37 demonstrates a story of a man who lived in an environment where he was hated.  His kind was not accepted by the average guy. But he did not allow his anger at his mistreatment by his “enemy” to deter him from helping his “enemy” when he was down.  All of the religious and righteous people walked by when the person was in need of assistance, but the social outcast did not.  He channeled his anger into an act of love for his neighbor who also happened to be his enemy. Remember the story of the Samaritan? We live in a social construct that seem to think that destructive anger is the best way to display our distrust for others. Or even our fear of what others are doing to our society. We have come to a point when we deem destructive anger as the only means for controlling the behavior of others.  We are isolating people and “giving them what for” so to speak simply because they are perceived as the reason why we don’t have “whatever”! Whereas, that statement may be correct, it does not give us a right to name call, destroy the homes of others, or create movements that end up just being another venue for sharing hate instead of the love of God.

We can be angry at social injustice without sinning. We can be angry at the socially inappropriate manner in which our neighbors are behaviing without disparaging them and engaging in name calling.  We can look at the millions of babies that are being killed each year and spew out angry epitaphs about it or we can reach out to the pregant mothers and promise to provide support for them during their pregnancy and during the lifetime of their child.  You see being involved in a solution for the problem that exemplifies God’s love is far better than trying to legislate love.  Channel that anger into something productive.  We are not called to become a group of people who rely on government to demonstrate or legislate God’s love because that is an impossibility.  We are called to love even the person who is blatantly violating every law of God that exists – even when it angers us.  Use anger to act lovingly. Remember that there is only one letter that is separating the word anger from something that is destructive -D-ANGER!

Father show us the danger of being so self focused that we don’t see the “lid” that is about to explode and the people who are in way of the explosion that will be damaged.  Show us how to channel our anger for our own good and the good of those who are around us. Thank you for the mercy and grace that you extend to me when angry thoughts enter my head and you direct me in how to deal with them without destroying myself and others. Thank your for the atoning blood of Jesus Christ that covers the murkiness of anger and transforms it into something productive instead of destructive. You are not a good who is unaware of our challenges.  You are not an object that we have created ourselves. You are the Eternal one who sees and knows everything and knows all about your children – yet you loves us.  Teach us Father how to love our neighbors the way that you love us. You love is unshakable, unstoppable, and eternal.


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