Thank You-Veterans!

I was listening to something this afternoon and it struck me that our service men and women who are sent into hate-filled environments must experience significant emotional trauma. Visualize yourself away from your family – for the first time – in another country. A hostile country at that. Some of the people’s sole purpose in life is to obliterate you.

Now, look at the other side of that coin. You are a member of the USA Armed Forces. You live by orders. You are a member of a community. A community of men and women who will die for you. You protect each other come what may. The experiences overseas have numbed certain sections of your brain, or you would not be able to live with the emotional carnage.

Finally, you come home. Your close-knit family, your community who “had your back.” WHo would lay their body on a grenade for you without thinking twice are no longer there. There is no one around you who have seen the damage that you have seen. WHo has experienced the hate you have experienced. You are home in a land where you should hate your enemy because that is how you survived over there. Now who is going to understand why you jump when you hear an explosion, or for that matter when you see a child walking toward you with a backpack, or an overstuffed jacket  and they happen to look just like the many children who pulled the plug and almost blew up your comrades in the jeep in front of you.  How do you live with that now that you are home in the USA and everyone is telling you to “Hate those Muslims?” If you are not a Christian and you do not understand the journey of Abram who left his country and was sent into a hostile land.

Or better yet, you are not a Christian and do not understand that when you screamed at God why can’t I just hate them and blow them all up? Or even when you were a Christian and was over there, and you screamed at God why-asking the same question? Why am I here? Why can’t I hate these people who hate me so much? The struggle was real. Now you are in the USA and you see the same people. What drives out the hatred, and condemnation? What makes you want to reach out to that person, in love and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them? You knew that while you were a hateful, incorrigible sinner God still loved you. He saw you as his bride. And He considered you irreplaceable and priceless.



Don’t lose heart!

He is always with us even in the dire circumstances.

You Are Not The Only One

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