Meaningless and Worthless worship.


God’s word is clear about acceptable worship practices. Worship is not something we do on Sunday mornings because it is the tradition of the church. It is something we do 7 days a week and it is supposed to be part of who we are as a Christian. When all we do is open a book turn to page blah, blah, blah, and speed through the words and music on the pages. Then go to the next page and repeat the process we are not worshipping. God forbid that someone chooses a song from the same book that a person may not have sung before – it becomes an act of treason – well almost! No, my dear ones when we participate in congregational worship we are coming together as members of the family of God to lift up our hearts to Him through song, giving, reading, listening, and living out the words He has shared with us through His servant. It is not supposed to be a same old, same old, got to get out of here so we can go to wherever for Sunday lunch with my friends and family, or so I can go to the beach!

Worship is not supposed to be ritualistic. It must come from the heart. It must be spirit led, it must be done in reverence to God or it is just another “Going through the motions” thing that we do one day per week.

We were created to worship our creator in every facet of our lives.

In our relationships with others. In how we conduct ourselves on our jobs, in the supermarket, in the McDonald’s line when the person at the cash register is going as slow as molasses in January. In our behavior on social media-we are the only Jesus that the social media world sees – what are we showing them? We worship him in the words that we allow to rumble around in our heads all day long. Why? because our thoughts impact in how we respond to the act of worship through singing, giving, and the reading of His word on Sunday mornings.

How do we prepare ourselves for worship on Sunday morning? Is it something that we do at the last-minute, maybe Sunday morning on the way to church? Is worship considered something that is “preventing” us from “doing life” and is worship an intrusion on how we do life? Is preparing to worship something that is placed on the back burner until we have done “everything” else we want to do? I learned a long time ago that anything that I put before God has become my God – that included my family. Worship is in honor of part of our relationship with the Almighty. If I am so busy every single minute of every single day that I do not have time to worship my creator then something is wrong with my vertical relationship with Him. He has to come first before my job, my husband, my children, by aspirations, or they all become my God and serving Him becomes something I have to do because one day I said “the Sinner’s Prayer” and someone said going to church every Sunday shoes that I am a Christian.

Loving God enough to put him first in my life is my act of worship. Then everything else flows from that. I won’t whine when I am asked to learn to read from a different translation of the Bible or serve in my congregation – because my act of service is not for the congregation it is for God! I won’t be flippant in carrying our my act of service in my congregation because I will understand that is part of how I serve and worship Him. I will not put my service in my congregation responsibilities on the back burner until Saturday night or even Sunday morning because God should never be an afterthought in my life. Yes, He expects me to live life. He will give me the time and ability to do everything I need to do as I put Him first in my life. Worshiping God with the words that come out of my mouth but not with my actions and my time is empty and meaningless worship.

As a person who has sung on a worship team, or choir, for decades, I have looked out into the congregation and have seen those faces. I started to worship with my eyes closed for that reason. I want to worship in spirit and in truth when I am leading or part of a team that is leading, congregational worship. I could not do that with faces looking back at me that sent messages of disinterest. Worship is an integral part of my life and has been for some time. I cannot imagine going through a 24 hour period of time without reaching out to my Father in some act of worship.

We seriously need to get back to the heart of worship the way God wants it to be. When we do that we will not just stand there in our congregational worship service with a face that says “I don’t want to be here. I hate being here. I am moving my lips but this is meaningless to me. My heart, spirit, and soul are not participating in this!” Worship the King of King and the Lord of Lords with all that you have and you will see how your spirit feels at the end of that time of worship. Do it every day and we will see how our outlook on life changes. Our need to be somewhere, and do something to make us feel better will begin to change.

I don’t ever want the Lord to say this of me.

Isaiah 29:13 ” Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men”

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