We are lights-shine His love into a world filled with darkness!


Webster’ definition of light is poignant.

a :  spiritual illuminationthe light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it — John 1:5 (Revised Standard Version

With this definition in mind, how does the unsaved world see us? When we participate in social media does our presence make the newsfeed a better place or are we just a part of the conundrum that permeates social media with mindless twaddle? Are we shining examples of Christ’s love for all of humanity or have we become so engrossed in all things worldly that our light is not a bright as a firefly? For even on the blackest night, a firefly can still be seen. We must be seen as sources of spiritual light that illuminate the world in the midst of the darkness, hatred, self-loving and others debasing world in which we live. Now is the time for us to be the “priceless” bride of Christ standing up for that which is right in the sight of the Lord not society, or a political ideology. The church has become so intertwined itself into the fabric of society that we have forgotten our first love for the Lord, His word, His mission, His Kingdom purpose and His desire for all men to come to know Him. We are snuffing out our own candlestick like the church in Ephesus. We cannot fix our community. No politician can fix our communities. Only Jesus can transform lives thus transforming communities, counties, states, and nations. Be light, be salt, be Jesus in your nation. We live at a time where the darkness of the devil is attempting to envelop the world and the people of God are panicking and looking for men to solve a spiritual problem! Our purpose in this mayhem? Be light, Be Love, Be Jesus, Share His love for humanity instead of the indifference and hatred that is openly embracing nations across the world.

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