For in Him All Things were Created.



Sometimes we forget that it is the Lord who created situations that lead to individuals being in positions of leaderships. Sometimes they are placed in those positions to teach the people of God a lesson about who they are and that they are not their own – they belong to The Almighty God. They belong to the maker of the universe and should act accordingly. Sometimes they are placed in positions of leadership to teach the individual that there is only one God – and they are not that God.

Many times we forget this and make ourselves God. The one who condemns God’s people instead of lifting them up in their times of weakness. Or the one who refuses to see their own ways that may be making and or creating conflict. Or the one who chooses to hold grudges by withholding compassion and love from the objects our disdain for a person who is in authority over us. I have to remind myself of this fact on a regular basis. We are all human and as such subject to allowing our humanity to govern our behavior instead of the spirit of God.

Sometimes rulers are placed in positions of leadership to teach the individual that there is only one God – and they are not that God. Egos get in the way of God’s guidance and disaster ensues. The books of Isaiah and Amos are God’s reminder to His people Israel of the poor choices that they have made and the disgraceful behavior of their leaders, but they also talk about the punishment reaped by the consequences of sin. Yes, we have salvation from the Lord. Yes, we have forgiveness of our sins, but we live with the consequences of those sins. There is no condemnation of those who are in Christ Jesus. But that does not give is a license to sin.  We must always be mindful of who is truly in charge of our lives, and the who place rulers in positions of leadership.  What can we do when their behavior distresses us? Pray What do we do if we are the leaders who are oppressive in nature? Pray, repent, believe in forgiveness and strive for the Holy Spirit to master our human nature (Galatians 5:16) and pray for our thought life, our vocal expressions, and written expression to be taken captive by God and demonstrated the living lives of obedience to Him (2 Corinthians 10:5). Finally, brethren remember that God chooses rulers, in all positions of leadership. In the church, in government, and in our homes. Trust Him that he has made the right choice and live accordingly.

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