Is there no God in Israel/The Church?

The King of Israel was in trouble. He was ill. He needed to know what the future held fo him. Instead of calling on the Almighty he went to a foreign God. It was an insult to the Almighty. He sent His prophet to pronounce judgment on the King of Israel.  I listened to this king’s tenure as ruler of Israel and when I got to this Scripture immediately I considered the numerous ways that we – as Christians – do exactly the same thing.  We go to psychics when we need answers instead of God. We will ask electronic apps for guidance instead of God. We will look to horoscopes for our daily “fortunes” instead of God. We will take those fortune cookies as a message from God instead of His holy Word. God does not look kindly on His children when we give the authority over our lives to anything and anyone other than Him.  We tend to do that with pastors, priests, rabbis, self-defined prophets, and so many others who have set themselves up as a conduit between God and His people. We forget that when Christ died on the cross the veil was ripped into two parts. The wall of separation between God and His people disappeared. They no longer needed a go-between. Christ stands as our intercessors between us and God. No human being can forgive sin, predict our lives, and or predict the will of God over our lives.  Only God is supreme. Let us ensure that we do not make the mistake that the King of Israel made in this Scripture.

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