Use Me

Father in heaven,

This day I dedicate to you for you to use me in any way that you see fit. Use my words to bless and not to curse.
To inspire and not to discourage. To be a source of spiritual and emotional food and not a source of harm.

Take my life and let it be a beacon of light as I walk in the light of your holy word. Take the words that I read and make them the words that I live. In Jesus holy and mighty name I pray for the sick, informed. Emotionally damaged, physically challenged, emotionally challenged, and psychologically challenged. Lord lead them to believe that the fruit of joy is always with them so they can be encouraged by the word and live lives free from depression.

Bless each person who comes to this site to be refreshed each day – in you holy name’s sake amen!

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  1. Writerpro
    May 17, 2012 @ 07:27:19

    When I read this prayer, I Immediately thought about how the paralytic man’s friends took the roof off the house and lifted him or rather lowered him into the Lord’s presence so he may be healed. So…..

    Lord, I thank You for those prayer warriors often unseen and unknown. I thank You for those heeding the call and longing to serve You faithfully each day in this place. You call them and like the friends of the paralytic man, they tear roofs lowering themselves by bowing in prayer and laying the people placed on and in their hearts before You.

    So, this morning I pray for them, Father, asking You to intently bless them in the faithfulness they so fervently pursue in Your calling of them. I ask You to blatantly let them know You’ve heard their prayers and that You are the Lord of all favor. Well, I don’t know how else to say this except to pray, “bless their socks off.” Please.

    I agree in prayer with what Joyce has written here. Words are so very powerful. Allow the ones coming into my mind and heart and out of my mouth to be those edifying You and exhorting others in encouraging ways. Grant me Your wisdom in what I say to others and to myself.

    Guide me to the correct places and physicians so I may receive full healing. Lord, You know with what I deal. I need for my thyroid and potassium issues to normalize, Lord, as I am so tired of feeling like I do in that I cannot think well and am depressed due to the physical manifestations of low thyroid and potassium. Oh, God, please, please do not let me fail in finding the right medical staff to help me. And, please intervene for me in the here and now.

    God, I pray for Your favor when it comes to being sooooo late in guiding my son with college choices as honestly, I have felt awful since December. December, Lord! Father, I beg You to give him a renewed dose of confidence when it comes to his feeling about himself and his intelligence. You know he feels less then in this area. Oh, God, open my mouth so I may encourage him to know he is Your child and You’ve designed him to be intelligent. So what if he’s not in the top 10 percent of his class. Lord, You can open up top college venues for someone like him who is a straight “B” student. Please take this embarrassment of being a straight “B” student off of him and grant him some amount of healthy self-esteem in this area.

    I pray for all students fatigued to the point of wanting to quit during these last two weeks of the school year. Teacher’s keep piling on projects, lose their grades, and I know this fatigues them. Uphold them and give both teachers and students the extra umpf to finish this school year well.

    I pray for those changing careers, Lord, knowing Your hand is upon them and You will grant them the desires of their hearts. Make it plain and known where they are to go as far as a “job” is concerned and open up new venues for those needing employment.

    I bring those dealing with physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental challenges before You today. Be with those dealing with anxiety. God, I don’t know the answers to pray for specific healings, but You do and so I bring all on my heart and mind today in these situations before Your healing hands today, oh LORD God. Breathe on them and fill them with You.

    Lord, today, I bring Houston before You. Yes, the city. Lord, I ask You to intervene quickly in the hearts, minds, and plans in those wishing to cause division over the jury’s decision about Officer Bloomberg. Lord, do not let riots occur and at the same time, bring Your justice into this challenge. Hush all the hurt-filled words and protect those needing it. You alone issue justice and I pray YOUR justice reign in this situation. God, please allow Your fair and merciful justice to surface. Call Your ministers to uphold Your precepts and not those so pressed upon by political influences at this point. Also, from this time forward, allow equality and fairness to occur in the upcoming trials of the other police officers in question. God, let Your justice and fairness reign, please.

    For I ask these things in Christ powerful name….Amen


  2. Joyce
    May 17, 2012 @ 19:46:05



  3. Sherri Rogers
    May 19, 2012 @ 00:35:18

    Amen and Amen to both you – EM and to you Bernice! 🙂 I love the reminder of this scripture! 🙂


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