You make all thing new

Father thank you for your mercy and your grace.

You look at your children when we come to you with humility in our hearts, and you make it all new.

When we come to you for forgiveness you graciously grant it.  So, forgive me Lord of any sin that is easily besetting me and preventing me from having the kind of close relationship with you that you want for me.  Thank you for that forgiveness and grace.  You have made all things for me to enjoy and partake of, and yet life just rears its head and tries to rob me  of the joy of the Lord.

I thank you father for the assurance that you have given to me and the grace that you have in your outstretched hand..and the ability to praise you regardless of what the enemy does.  This is my desire to honor you with my life–every area of my life.  Thank you for a new start, and a new beginning in Jesus name amen!

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