Lord send me!


I have been in  deep thought over the last few month about the word “commitment”.  You committed your son for me, you committed your word for me, you committed your power for me, and you said to me, commit your life to me, your work to me, and your abilities to me.  What does that mean father?  Does it mean that I spend my time-serving you and your people? Or does that mean that I spend my time titillating my senses?

The  possibility of the great commission has changed because times have changed, technology has changed, and people have changed.  You have never changed.  So, I ask you father to send workers to do the work.  Workers who are dedicated to you and your work and not to self.  Workers who are ready to serve you when it is not even convenient.  Workers who know that you and your work are the most important thing on planet earth and nothing, nothing, takes first place over it except our families.

I pray for your to instill in me the leadership capacity that it takes to lead such a group of dedicated people.  There are millions of people all over the world who do not know Jesus.  The internet gives us an opportunity to reach them.  BUT, there are also millions of American who have bought the I’m OK you are OK mentality of this time.  Who truly think that it is OK to simply go to church and talk the church talk.  Father I don’t want to be a talker of the word, I don’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch while the “GREATS” on television, radio, and in books preach the word.  I want to be a part of the very work for which I was called.

I know that salvation  is not just for me.  For me to grow and become something, learn something, be a bible teacher, etc., it is for me to share you with the world in any way that I can the truth of God’s word.  it is not to do the worldly–warm fuzzy feelings are great, but it won’t be great when the person is sitting at the entrance to the throne of God and he says depart from me I know you not.

Faith without works is dead faith, but works for the sake of forcing faith is even worse.  Lead us father and guide us to the excellence of serving you and yours according to your will and according to your way.  I looked at something online last night and it made me so sad.  How do you change the apathy that exist in how we relate to the work that you have placed before us?  Relation building with THE ONE and for the RIGHT reason.

So, father I still say send me, I have challenges, but what I have that is not challenged is yours to use!  I say this with humility knowing that nothing I do will prosper without your guidance, all I do must be according to your will.

Protest each person who reads this prayer and realizes that they are here to be used for the kingdom.  Protect them from societal influences that will tell them that they need to play the next exciting game, go to the latest movies, experience the latest thing that the media or society has to offer as they “please” themselves.  This world has a huge magnet for the  hole that is inside of us.  But that hole can only be filled with a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

As each person grows in the grace and knowledge of their savior, please show them where to place their time of service, and how to do with the  most impact.

Fill the hearts of each person father with a willingness to go forward with you in total commitment to the work at hand….show each of them how to have an attitude of SEND ME!  In jesus holy and majestic name – amen!

Keep us on the narrow path Lord..remind us of who we are!

Matthew 7:13-14  [The Narrow and Wide Gates]”;Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Dear God this path that you have called and chosen me to follow – because many are called BUT few are chosen – I pray today for your continued strength to push me through each thorn in the flesh that you have allow to buffet  me.  I thank for the thorns father.  They force me to rely on you.  Sometimes I am not even aware of the fact that the thorn is there.  I know that I feel the presence of something.  I know that the physical reaction is that that something is hurting  me, but do I know what it is? Sometimes no!  It’s like when I am gardening. I come into the house and something is aggravating me in my hand I just don’t know what it is..then as I do other things in the house I realize that I have a thorn in my flesh.  The only problem is I have allowed it to bury it self into my hand so getting it out is even harder.  Ii have had to rely on you to bring at least one thing to the surface so I could get it out.

Father please keep working with me and showing me who I am in the flesh, and who I am meant to be in the spirit.  Use whatever it takes to mold and shape me into the Joyce you want me to be.  Give me the patience to endure all things so I can be the light that you want me to be.  I pray for all those whom I have left behind on my job.  I pray for your divine protection on them father, that they will sense your holy spirit moving in their lives, that they will look to you and to you alone and step out  believing that you are there to make a way out of no-way.

I pray for the EA team to come to know you as THEIR personal friend and their GOD and that you have a divine appointment for them.  You have called them to reach thousands for the kingdom of God.  I pray that  that vision will be clear to them – why? BECAUSE every single one of them have a thorn in the flesh! Bless them Lord Jesus let them see the urgency of their calling and give them the drive an desire to serve you and your people.  The internet is so impersonal, but millions out there need Jesus..many will never come to know him without this medium.  I thank you for the daily visitors who actually come to this blog and support this thorn in the flesh ministry.  It warms my heart each time someone posts.  Teach each of us Lord Jesus and our Heavenly father to live more like you and to love more like you…remind us daily that the through which we walk is narrow and only few find it.  Keep us from the wide path that leads to destruction. IN JESUS HOLY MIGHTY AND MAJESTIC NAME..amen!!

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