Unity in Christ takes effort

Father you word spoke to me this morning,

I have desired to see unity among those of us who are brothers and sisters in Christ.  Use this little work father to show that we are united in purpose to serve you and your people.  United in what we say and what we do.   United in the spirit and defined and deliberate in our purpose as we serve you and others.

Give us the spirit of AGAPE love that unifies the body of Christ into one body, working for one purpose, and using the precious holy spirit as it directs our path.  My desire father is for us to become one with you so that we may become one with each other.  As I walk each day father let that be the focus for my day.  To love as the unified Godhead loves, to be at one with others who are called by you, and to work the work as a unified team.  A house divided cannot stand.  I pray for this ministry and the EA ministry that the entire leadership may be as one as you and Christ are one.

In Jesus name-amen


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  1. Writerpro
    May 20, 2012 @ 11:00:40


    This prayer is so relevant not only for the ministries listed above, but for the one at our church, too. I say “our” church, but I know it’s Yours. Anyway, Father, the nameless one rears his ugly head stirring up division and strife among those of Your Body. We are called to love one another, even when those stirring stuff up are doing so. God, please cause Your Body to truly be united. Like Joyce, this has been my heart cry for years. I see heavenly realms waiting to help, waiting to be released, Lord, but we, as Your people, we must adhere to this leading spoken and prayed for so vividly by Your Son, Jesus Christ.

    God, we are all different people, with various gifts, strengths, and weaknesses. Like I keep hearing and hearing over and over, there are NO Lone Ranger Christians. None. You made us to be in communion one with another. So, Lord, I also ask You to open the hearts, eyes, minds, souls, ‘beings’ of Your called ones so we may unite and understand/know the glory of Your blessed unity both in heaven and on earth. It’s so close, Father. So very close.

    Show Your children the beauty of such visions. Make them real and known to each one so they may glimpse of what is to come in the heavenly unity streaming forth. God, there are so many needing to stop and just listen. Stop and look. Stop and touch. You grant such things, Father, and I beg You to begin opening what Joyce speaks here in the presences of those called to this unified front.

    Please God.

    And, along the way, Lord, (and this is just my little “extra” prayer here, Father), please bring true repentance into the lives of Your people so we would pray and come before You truly crying out for revival like that experienced by Peter and the early ones called to be Your Body.

    Let us quit pointing fingers and finding fault not only with those not yet called, but among ourselves. Oh, God, please let us understand sin is sin with You. You do not have levels of worse sins VS better ones. Sin removes us from Your presence, Father, no matter what kind it is or how we, as Your children, chose to “judge” it. Who are we really to judge, Lord? We are but humans with limited minds and very little grace and mercy when compared to You, Father God. For You are righteous, perfect, compassionate, merciful, filled with grace, and You, You alone are a fair and equitable judge. Thank goodness for Your judgement, Lord. Thank goodness!

    So, Father, yes, unite us. Let us all be one as Your Son prayed before invoking the power of the Holy Spirit upon those in the first gatherings of Your children.

    Yes, it is in Jesus name I ask these things and agree in prayer with Joyce…Amen


  2. Sherri Rogers
    May 22, 2012 @ 21:00:32

    I pray this too: Use this little work father to show that we are united in purpose to serve you and your people. United in what we say and what we do. United in the spirit and defined and deliberate in our purpose as we serve you and others. AMEN…LORD, I pray this with all my heart! 🙂


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