Your love is never-ending and remains with us forever. thank you for that love and your grace.  As I walk through this day today guard my thought, monitor my words and make sure they are words that honor you.  I pray for those who are living and working under situations that are oppressive.  I pray for you to release them from those situations father and give them the peace they need to be able to live and work in peace.  I pray for forgiveness father for any faithless acts of commission or omission, and a willing spirit to let you control  every single minute area of my live.  How can I say that I believe when I will not hand over my life totally into your hands.

Give me your eyes and heart for your people who I may love them with the same intensity that you love me for this world is a hard place, and people do not comprehend the magnitude of the impact of the words that we speak on the lives of others. Forgive, heal, and restore father in Jesus holy name amen!

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  1. Writerpro
    May 16, 2012 @ 12:13:51

    Amen, Father, and to this prayer I add…

    And for those who have already been beat up “in” and “by” this world however that looks in their lives, come unto them in a very real way to infuse Your life-giving power and strength. Release them from fear or any other emotional not concerning/involved with the ones You promise in Your Word. Those of love, peace, joy, hope.

    I pray for those dealing with very specific aches and pains in the physical realm, like my coaching friend who broke her ankle. Father, I ask for swift recoveries for those dealing with such matters. Things get in our ways, Lord, and we fail to see the potential harm caused. Lord, open our eyes so we may be more aware of such matters so we may continue functioning in and of Your Holy Spirit power to the maximum potential You give us.

    Repentance, Lord, repentance must be real or the same patterns of sin occur. Father, I pray for true repentance to occur in me. I pray for the will to change what is within my power to change and I ask as these changes come into being those so affected by them may respond favorably.

    I thank You Lord for those concerned about challenges they contact me, even if I pay them to listen and grant Godly advice, help. Thank you for their keen awareness.

    I thank You for what lies ahead in that I understand there are good things, great plans as promised in Jeremiah 29:11. Let me see each day Your greatness in both things large and small.

    Thank You for caring that I do. Thank You for loving me. And, thank You for being a Heavenly Father in Whom I can believe and know all things are possible. All.

    In Jesus name I pray….Amen


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