You are my strength and my song, and I will praise you!

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Hello, my dear friends.
I trust that you opened your eyes this morning to the blessings, compassion, and love of our Good, Good, Father. YHWH is our strength and our song.
We rely on Your strength, Lord, please remind us when we forget that you are also our song.
When we neglect to praise You with the sweet songs of praise that are embedded in our hearts, Holy Spirit, please, give us a nudge and tickle our vocal cords to make a joyful noise unto you.
When we fail to point to You as our firm foundation and the source of all good, Lord, give us the boldness to sing your praises and to shine as a light in this dark and fear-filled world.
Our praises are a sweet-smelling aroma to You Father, and you covet them.
Thank you for your covering over us, and the Angel Armies that surround us each day.
I do pray for your ministering servants everywhere.
Continue to provide for them and their ministries during this time of economic challenge,
We know that all of the gold in many hills belong to you.
Protect them and their families. Father. They still have work to do.
I pray for national leaders all over the world who are facing this pandemic. Please, send them counselors who are operating with sound judgment, and give the leaders the discernment to listen to the multitude of counselors who you have sent them.
Protect all of our children, and calm their spirits during this time of national disruption of their education. Give their parents the patience that they need to handle the educational load that has been placed into their parenting shopping carts. Strengthen and encourage them too.
May Your Kingdom Mission be visible, and may Your will be done this and every day of our lives, Father, I ask all of these things in the name of Your only and only Son – King Jesus. Selah!

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