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The Johannine epistles were written to a specific audience and for a specific purpose.


Author: John the son of Zebedee
Date: c. 90-95
Provenance: Asia Minor
Destination: Churches in and around Ephesus
Occasion: The recent departure of false teachers from the Ephesian church (1 John); itinerant false teachers (2 John);

an autocratic despot named Diotrephes (3 John)

Purpose: John encourages believers to love God and one another and reassures them that they are in the Son

(1 John); instructs them not to extend hospitality to false teachers

(2 John); and helps Gaius deal with the autocratic Diotrephes (3 John)

Theme: Christian reassurance and continuing to walk in love and truth
Key Verses: 1 John 5:11–12; 2 John 9–11; 3 John 4 (KKQ, 804)


The church was already being infiltrated by false teachers and “autocratic despots.” The resurrection was not a 2,000-year-old historical fact. John’s main purpose seems to be simplistic; however, it is a problem that continues to plague the church even today.  The one thing that John fought against the most has become common place today.  The big “C” church has become divided into “c” church or denominations. The followers of “The Way” are now more concerned about their individual versions of  what they believe “The Way” should look like rather than about how they are growing closer to God in an act of “love of God” so that they can “love one another [better].” “The Way” has always been about relationships. One does not become an overcomer who is filled by the one who dwells within them without establishing and maintaining relationships with others as an act of love toward God and man. It is to our benefit for us to remember that the indwelling Holy Spirit is indeed greater than the one who lives and “thinks” that he rules the world. Be encouraged my dear friends we are all overcomers as long as we are growing to love God and learning to love all people. The word all is very inclusive. It includes every single living breathing human being in the entire world. It is not exclusive to the “Body of Christ!” So, go forward this weekend knowing that you are an overcome called to carry out the greatest mission every known to man. Sharing the love of God with the unlovable. Contact us if you need encouragement. That is the purpose of this ministry. You are victorious–you can overcome anything!


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