A New Creation-How Does That Feel?

Being born again is an experience that is precious and invigorating. It’s like discovering gold! You want to tell the world about it. You want everyone to experience that adrenaline rush of knowing you have found a priceless thing. But like the gold rush, some will see it, some will believe it, some will want it too, and some will not believe it is possible. All three responses are valid.

But what matters most is the fact that the event occurred. You know it and God knows it.

As the transformation process begins and continues the old, you will start to disappear.

The person who is always angry, the individual who is forever frustrated.

The you who had no hope and showed it by lashing out at others will slowly disappear.

The you who believed that God existed but did not demonstrate that knowledge in your body language, your choice of words when angered, and the thoughts that reside in you head will slowly submit to the Holy Spirit and outwardly the transformed you will be seen.

Once again some people will see it and believe it and some will not.

It is the end of an old year and the beginning of a new year is approaching. Approach it with the knowledge that you are a new creation in God – if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior!  Approach it knowing that He knows your name and knows you better than you know yourself. BUT He loves you more than you can ever imagine or think! You are His new creation, and He says you are His. Feel about yourself the way that He feels about you.  The following is not a contemporary worship song, but it is appropriate. How do you think about being His new creation? Remember that every day when we open our eyes, it is a new morning and a new day in Jesus – How does that make you fee?



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  1. Bueller
    Dec 31, 2016 @ 09:13:15

    Was this in reference to anyone particular?? I see much in it!!


    • Joyce Gerald
      Dec 31, 2016 @ 09:23:02

      No – not to anyone in particular – It is the scripture that came in my e-mail this morning and several conversations that I have had with folks over the last 5 or 6 months came together at one time. It is also a new beginning of a new year and people make resolutions – then they become disheartened because they do not stand up to the standards that they have set in place for themselves. So, they give up. Or they expect themselves to be supermen and or superwomen and that is not or calling, so they give up. Or others make them feel as if they are less than who and what they are in Christ and they become disheartened. The goal of this one is to let us all know that we are human and we answer only to the ALmighty. We are human and we will never measure up to what people expect of us – even though they don’t measure up to their own expectations. It is always comforting to know that – even when we screw up – I mean royally screw up – God still loves us. My pastor has this saying that he says on Sunday mornings – “God is still transforming us.” And immediately in my mind I hear “We are so close to the forest that we cannot see the tree that are changing!” Myself included! So, as this year new year begins I am hopeful that we will all remember that He sees us as we are and loves us still! I think that it will eliminate some of the depression that is so rampant among God’s people!

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