They Returned Rejoicing!

The presents are unwrapped and the celebrating is over what do we do now? What is the next step in our adoration of the one who gave up His glory for us? What do we do now?

The shepherds went back. But how did they go back? Rejoicing! I can guarantee you that they shared their joy with anyone and everyone who would listen to them. I can also bet that they had a greater appreciation for YHVH than they had before they went to see Jesus. My questions to myself yesterday, when the last dish was placed in the dishwasher, was this,

How will you show your appreciation to Him for who He is in your life, Joyce? He offers you life – eternal life. You cannot give Him anything in return for that give or can you? How about returning rejoicing?  How about loving Him with my whole heart soul mind and strength? How about loving my neighbor the same way that He loves me?

He did not ask me for presents that I cannot afford. He just asks me for me! I can do that! One minute at a time, then an hour at a time, and a day at a time. So, I am going to go forward rejoicing in His grace and love for me, and demonstrating His love to others by sharing His love for them with them! How about you?


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