Hope In The Lord & Renew Your Strength.


One day someone asked me why do we have to go to church. I thought – “Why not?” The I thought, “Because He said that we should!” You know that is the response that parents used to give their children when they asked them why should they do something that they don’t want to do! Then I thought, Well we go to social clubs to keep our relationships with others intact and fresh.  We come to social media to keep in touch with our family members and friends. We “face time” with our loved ones and friends to make sure that our human emotional needs are met. So, we go to church to keep in touch with our spiritual family, and to encourage them, while God encourages us as a close-knit family within the body of Christ. We sit at our dining table each day to eat because our bodies need nourishment that will strengthen cells, and keep us moving. We sit at the Lord’s table each Sunday to strengthen our spiritual cells and to become empowered to go forth into a world that saps all of our energies.  We go to church on Sunday mornings not because God says we must, but because our candles will go out if we do not, “wait upon the Lord [so that He can] renew [our]; [Then we can]mount up with wings as eagles; [we will]run, and not be weary; and [we will] walk, and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31).

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