Purify My Heart Lord


There is so much in this world that can spiritually contaminate us. Filling our minds with the plethora of social media that defiles our thought processes. Singing songs with strong rhythmic patterns but words that grieve the Holy Spirit. Becoming hooked on the pictures and graphics that fill the internet that defile women, men, and children.  Watching televisions shows that are just “harmless” but filled with the imagery and implication of necromancy, spiritual darkness, and basically satanic influences.  Becoming embroiled in representations of family life that violate everything the God ordained families to represent impacts our ability to show the world how simple and easy it is to love each other out of a pure heart and mind. Positivity is not Godliness, yet we pretend that it is. We can become positively ungodly in our thought processes especially if “we” become the focus of our existence. When “we” becomes the bane of our existence then “He” is no longer in the picture.  When any “noun” or “ideology” becomes more important that our relationship with Him – even if it is in serve to others – it has become our Jehovah! Then we become defiled. It is easier to go with the flow than to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our thoughts. For you see it is our thought life that directs our words, and actions.  We begin the purification process by guarding our minds and allowing the Holy Spirit to replace worldliness and worldly solutions to spiritual problems. We can begin purification or transformation by focusing on Him and being “Him” to others every second of the day.  No, we cannot do it on our own, BUT He will do it through us.



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