A clean heart comes from clean thoughts.

Lord a heart that is clean and pure comes only from you.  So, I pray this day that as the world focuses on the pandemic, the death, the fear, the consternation, and the what-ifs, that you will give me a clean heart. A heart that is cleansed by the purity of your Holy Word. Thoughts that are governed by the Holy Spirit will carve our a heart of flesh from the stoniness of sin that is every present in this world. A clean heart, Lord, that looks not for itself, one that does not make excuses for why I should or should not love my enemy. A heart that is not swirling in the cesspool of fear.

A heart that is clean enough to receive and live according to Your Word.  Keep my eyes fixed on your, through your word. Keep my hands stayed on you by being willing to share that word with whoever, whenever. and however, and keep my eyes clean and filled with the light of your Holy Word.

Lord, the light that comes from the burning flame of your Holy Spirit and your Holy Word places all of your called out ones on a hill. We may be alone on that hill, but even in the middle of the deepest, darkest, night, a single flame will burn brightly. I remember walking down the country lanes at home in the UK. It didn’t matter if the street lights were not on because the light from the windows of the people’s homes lit the path back to my residence.

Show us, your called out ones, how to be that light in the middle of these dark times that the world is facing, right now. Protect your missionaries all over the world, Lord. Strengthen and uphold them as they shine brightly for others to see that they are not alone in this world. They are not the only ones who are concerned with the impact of this virus. That although they may feel isolated and alone they are not alone. Selah and in Jesus name.


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