Good Morning, Do you believe that there is POWER IN HIS NAME?

The world is gripped in the tightening vice of
Declare it,
receive it,
and live it today!
Are you in that army that is rising up?
The world needs soldiers of THE CROSS TODAY!
He’s breaking the chains of..
Can you feel those chains falling?

He is with us saints. Go forward today proceeding in caution, but not in fear. Trust Him to protect you. Take the steps in the flesh to remain safe. Remember that HE KNOWS YOUR NAME! There are days when people will simply get on your last nerve. They will use words to distract you from your purpose, or mission for that minute. Don’t give them that kind of power over you.

Remain on mission. Stay focused on what you are called to do.  Understand your purpose. Embrace it. Believe it, and live it with boldness.  We are called to connect with others in a powerful way.  One to one contact is not necessary to do that. Just think about Paul’s impact on the churches all over the world. Where was he when he wrote all of those letters to the churches? He was in jail.  We can do this. Find a person with whom you can connect each day. Spend time with them on the phone, via e-mails, through text messages, by blogging. Use all of the technical possibilities to live out your purpose, my friends. God is with us.


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Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture Lyrics

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