What happens after you die? Eng/Russian

#EternalLife  The Story: English and Russian Versions! If you’re not sure what’s to come after you die, watch this incredible short film!

Find out in this short film: English Version


اЕсли вы гадаете, что будет после вашей смерти, посмотрите этот потрясающий короткий фильм. . Russian VERSION

Preach the gospel without Fear

#Fear #Teach #Preach


Weapons of God are not afraid of what anyone, any ideology, and religion, and or religious leaders can do to them. Yes, we are living in perilous times. But God is with us.  We use our spiritual weapons to heartbroken people and broken hearts. We do not seek to harm and or destroy anyone.

Prayer; Father give us the boldness that we need to go forward conquering in your Holy name. Teach us how to conqueror not with threats but with the Gospel, love, and the sound minds that you have given to us. Selah

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