Lord, my soul cries out for peace.

blessed are the peace makers

#Lord #God #Almighty, the Creator of all things. My Father and soon coming, king. I know that you are my Father and my God.  I see that you extend your love to the unloveable. Please help me to see your love for me and help me to trust you as my Savior and deliverer.

Father, as I look around me, I see injustice, chaos, and a lack of compassion for those who cannot speak for themselves [- in the flesh -]. Please empower and uphold me to be a bold voice crying in the wilderness.

Dear Father, please, allow my voice to be one that is crying the wilderness of despair. Let my hands share the hope that is encased in your love for all of humanity. Extend my arms to others as a loving reflection of your arms that are extended in love. Send me forward into regions that no one has ever gone before to show all people groups that they are loved by you.

where there is

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