Is there hope for the world? English and Haitian Creole

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Is there hope for the world? This story says there is. English

Èske gen lespwa pou lemonn. Istwa sa a di genyen. Haitian Creole



Have you eaten something good today? Do you want to tell your friends about it?

He arose and remained risen. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rose up from the grave so all men can experience the resurrection to life eternal. He started a movement and followers of “The Way” are still on the earth today! Read The Word, live The Word, share The Word each day. That is our calling, that is our purpose! Oh NO! I’m not a preacher. I hear you! But you are not a ballplayer either. Do you talk about the things that keep you fired up? Well, sharing The Word is the same thing.



You Are Not The Only One

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