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Take the time to communicate with someone today. Communication is an act of love. Love is not just a word we write on cards, posts, and memes.

  • It is what we say with our eyes.
  • It is how we look at others!
  • It is communicated in our actions.
  • It is demonstrated with a smile!
  • It is communicated as an act of love from our Father through us to others.
  • It is measured by how well we listen, intentionally, when someone is speaking!
  • It is the communicated by our responses to the need of others.
  • It is received when we open the door for someone!
  • Love is communicated when one gives sacrificially. For some of us, it is giving as little as $1 dollar to a cause. If it is all we have then that is sacrificial giving. It is giving up a fast food meal to feed someone else.

We live in an instant society. We think that posting pictures everywhere is reaching out to others! The world we live in is starving for communication to meets a psychological need. Dig deeper with me my friends and search the Scriptures to learn how we can communicate His love to all people! Every day I am saddened by the lack of “living” compassion that I see! We appear to be looking for excuses for our behavior rather than opportunities to give to others what we want ourselves. Love communicated in …. you finish the sentence for yourself!

Grace and peace to you!

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