Find my gentle voice.

Have you ever been so frustrated with someone that you wished that you had words that could sting them like a 🐝?

This week has been a week of utter frustration for me! I was attempting to get contractors to keep their word and simply respond to text and voicemail messages! I could not envision an environment where business people would not act appropriately! I had a deadline and I missed it!

Amidst the flurry of phone calls to a specific company whose customer service representative appeared to be totally clueless about how to complete the online application for services and other scenarios I felt my “self” begin to rise up in me. I had to tell myself to speak slowly, ask single questions and clarify what I was being told to do! Nothing changed! The freshly side if my character started to tear its ugly head and the Holy Spirit said “breathe!”

I walked and talked to the Lord for a bit and determined that maybe talking to a real person would better! I prayed and worshipped all the way there-maybe 15 minutes away from my house! When I got there the situation was no better! At this point I am thinking 🤔 hmm when I call on Jesus I know that I will have an answer. Why he has the authority and knows all things.

I asked if I could talk to the operations person. He was out! I smiled said thank you and told my daughter to just submit the online form! Whatever happens happens! I got in the car and started to drive home!

Guess who Mr. Operations was? My old neighbor! When I got home he was already there and everything we wanted to do that we were being told we could not do was possible!

Moral of the story is… human nature will rise up its ugly head. But giving a gentle response feeds not only your soul but also the other person’s too. Gentleness works!

Calm the inner man and try to be nice!

If there are typos on this post forgive me I am writing this on my phone.

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