He is with us!

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#God came down and spoke with Adam and Eve in the garden. Sin walked into that special place and His presence went back to where it came from. Aaw but the story did not end there. He still wanted His children to experience His presence so He came down to earth as a baby, grew to become a man, gave His life for His highest creation-humanity. Then, can you believe it? He paid the penalty for the sin that entered that special place so long ago. He allowed himself to be whipped, His flesh was ripped from his body and as the cat of nine tails touched His body and was pulled away for the next lashing He forgave us for our sins!

Oh, but He is not done. He carried the instrument of His death as He walked the Via Delarosa. No, not the cross! Our sins! The ☦️ did not take His life, our sins did that. What does that have to do with the Kingdom Of God being with us?

The penalty for sin is death. But God wanted us to receive the gift of His presence in this life! So, He gave His life so we could experience His presence. On Pentecost, 50 days after His monumental death, He sent His Holy Spirit-as promised-and today He is lives in us. Do you know the joy of experiencing His presence? Ask Him to come and live with you if you don’t know Him. Ask Him to be “present” with you every day.

Song: Your Presence Is Heaven To Me.

Live a life of love!


#courageous Speak the truth in #love as we #growclosertoGod and #learn to love people better! When His love forms our thoughts, then His words proceed from our mouths. Word that demonstrate that we are rooted and grounded in the faith. Words that show how His love 💕 flows from us to all of humanity. And finally, actions-not just when we are in church-that depict the impartial love of God to EVERY human being. We do so regardless of the ethnicity, social and economic status, as well as–wait a second–their political affiliations. Sighs. We are God’s children first and foremost. We are his ambassadors on earth!

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