Does your redeemer live?

Job’s friends continued to pummel him for the sins they were positive that he had committed. However, remember that at the beginning of the story God asks Satan “Have you noticed my friend Job? There’s no one quite like him—honest and true to his word, totally devoted to God and hating evil?” (Job 1:8 MSG – Unless otherwise stated all Scripture quotes in this devotional is from The Message Bible Version found on .) Now, as the children today would say, “Don’t get this twisted now, God Almighty, The Creator of all that has and will ever exist has pronounced Job as “honest, true to his word, totally devoted to God and hating evil;” however, his friends were telling him that He was nothing more than a loud mouth sinner who was unteachable, a liar, and on top of all of that quite curt. Bildad stated

“Here’s the rule: The light of the wicked is put out.  Their flame dies down and is extinguished. Their house goes dark— every lamp in the place goes out. Their strong strides weaken, falter; they stumble into their own traps.
They get all tangled up in their own red tape, Their feet are grabbed and caught,  their necks in a noose. They trip on ropes they’ve hidden, and fall into pits they’ve dug themselves. Terrors come at them from all sides. They run helter-skelter. The hungry grave is ready to gobble them up for supper, To lay them out for a gourmet meal,  a treat for ravenous Death. They are snatched from their home sweet home and marched straight to the death house. Their lives go up in smoke; acid rain soaks their ruins.  Their roots rot and their branches wither. They’ll never again be remembered—    nameless in unmarked graves. They are plunged from light into darkness, banished from the world. And they leave empty-handed—not one single child— nothing to show for their life on this earth. Westerners are aghast at their fate, easterners are horrified: ‘Oh no! So this is what happens to perverse people.  This is how the God-ignorant end up! Job 18:5-21

So, did you get whiplash reading that? Here his friends. His compadres. His closest “hanging out buddies” are telling him that he is nothing more than a rotten sinner and he is reaping what he has sown. Job’s response to these blatantly incorrect accusations was as curt as he could be without sinning

“How long are you going to keep battering away at me, pounding me with these harangues? Time after time after time you jump all over me.  Do you have no conscience, abusing me like this? Even if I have, somehow or other, gotten off the track,  what business is that of yours? Why do you insist on putting me down,   using my troubles as a stick to beat me? Tell it to God—he’s the one behind all this,  he’s the one who dragged me into this mess. Job 19:1-6

When was the last time that someone took your life challenges and beat you with them? Do you have someone whom you can talk to when you think that you have slipped a little bit?

The above discourse continues for quite some time. Then Job interjects with

Could this statement by Job reflect a question formed as a statement? He knew where he was going when he died. He also knew whom he would see when he is resurrected! Job continued

21-22 “Oh, friends, dear friends, take pity on me.  [He reminds them who they are to him!God has come down hard on me! Do you have to be hard on me, too? Don’t you ever tire of abusing me? Job 19

23-27 “If only my words were written in a book— better yet, chiseled in stone!
Still, I know that God lives—the One who gives me back my life—and eventually, he’ll take his stand on earth. And I’ll see him—even though I get skinned alive!— see God myself, with my very own eyes. Oh, how I long for that day!

Now that the verbal coffin has been opened and his friends’ bodies are firmly placed inside, Job continued by nailing it shut!

28-29 “If you’re thinking, ‘How can we get through to him, get him to see that his trouble is all his own fault?’ Forget it. Start worrying about yourselves. Worry about your own sins and God’s coming judgment, for judgment is most certainly on the way.” Job 19

Obviously, I have answered the previously asked question.

How many times have you heard about Job’s story? How many times have you placed yourself in that story? Have you been verbally abused? Have your “so-called” character flaws been thrown into your face time, after, time? You are not the only one! On Sunday my pastor told us to ask each other the following question. “What am I worth?” My response was you are priceless! You are bought with the precious blood of The Lamb. On that day when His feet touch the mount you and all the world will see Him. So I am going to ask you the same question? What are you worth? Do you know that your Redeemer lives and that you will see Him? If you have a hard time answering that question-just contact us.


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